Become Franchise

The Benefits You Get:

  1. You will become a authorized franchises of most popular web site
  2. You will get 25% commission after confirmation of payment on every registration made by you (Based on tariff plan)
  3. If you have already profiles with you, you can add your photo and bio-data horoscope at free of cost
  4. Your customer can use our web site with your name. Your name will be published and advertised by that you will become popular and known to many people
  5. You can view the available data’s with us and take address and phone no. email id for matching your clients
  6. We suggest in settling the alliance with mutual understanding after settlement we can share the settlement fees
  7. We can consider to make a branch office, provided you have infrastructure

The Requirements to Become Franchise:

  1. You must have computer and scanner
  2. You must have internet connection to your computer
  3. If you have knowledge and experience in similar line is an added advantage
  4. You must have tel. no and mobile no
  5. If you have a small size office its good or else you can operate from house only
  6. You have to accept our terms and conditions
  7. After accepting the terms and condition you will have to sign for agreement

For any further details, Kindly contact us at the following address

S.G.BENDIGERI - Founder & Chairman
Mahantesh Marriage bearue,
1st ,Floor,Bhargvi complex,
Janata bazaar,
Hubli – 580 028.
Dist: Dharwad,
State: Karnataka

Office: 0836 2267108
Mobile: 09448433440 / 9480183481

E-Mail 1:
E-Mail 2:

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